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but we just keep believing
Friday, January 30, 2009 4:09 AM

Kemaren gua ke pim sama nyokap buat beli Read Between The Lines tapi udah kosooongggg tai banget parah. Jadi gua order aja sama sekalian Final Riot.

Hari ini, gua, Canna sama Prinka tadi siang pengen ke Ramen Sanpachi, tp pas kita nyampe sana, udah tutup! -_- Jadi kita ke Midori aja karena ada sushinya, dan kata Canna sushinya enak. Tapi pas kita liat harga-harganya, ASTAGA unagi cuma 2 biji aja 45ribu cobaaaaa!
Jadi kita beli sushi yang paling murah supaya bisa ke Pizza Hut wakakak, jadi abis makan sushi langsung deh ke Pizza Hut.

Oh iya, selamat ya Eci sama Mathieuuu! Huehehe hari ini gua jadi paparazzi nya mereka gitu deh (H) tapi fotonya ada di kamera Eci -_- okedeh.

darrz (P) pink says: (7:15:04 PM)
Hahahahahahahahaha sabar mbak eh do have read between the lines?
bunga says: (7:15:16 PM)
bunga says: (7:15:44 PM)
do i have read between the lines? no. because udah kosong!!!!!!
darrz (P) pink says: (7:16:31 PM)
bunga says: (7:16:37 PM)
bunga says: (7:16:40 PM)
bunga says: (7:16:42 PM)
bunga says: (7:16:50 PM)
bunga says: (7:16:51 PM)
bunga says: (7:17:15 PM)
darrz (P) pink says: (7:17:29 PM)
bunga says: (7:17:35 PM)

Maaf dengan ke gak-nyante-an nya gua ini oke itu bacot nya gua masih jauh lebih panjang sampai akhirnya msn Darren error (H)

Mood: Kesel!

Read Between The Lines
Tuesday, January 27, 2009 4:21 AM

I really want to buy Read Between The Lines! For those of you who don't know what it is, it's Boys Like Girls' DVD. I saw the trailer a few days (or maybe weeks) ago, and it looked really fun. Martin Johnson sounded amaaaazing in singing Hero/Heroine, I saw it in a video on YouTube, but it's still buffering -_-

I will absolutely fail in the Math quiz. I didn't even know what I was writing. And I got only 19 points out of 30ish for the Science unit test. And yet I thought I was improving on some of the subjects. Who really needs Science and Math? I wanna be a musician in the futureee.
Who cares about Science and Math -_-

Today I just finished making the Index Card for the English speech, which will be on Thursday. And I updated my story in Mibba, because I just read a story and it really sucked. So I got my writing spirit back on. (actually just a little bit :p)

Mood: Disappointed
Listening to: Hero/Heroine

Monday, January 26, 2009 6:39 AM

Some of you maybe understand the title of this post, some of you don't. Haha.
I haven't study for tomorrow's math test, I'm too lazy! I'll just study at school, if I can.
I have to wake up early because I haven't washed my hair yet -_- it's really oily and stuff, ew.

Didn't go anywhere today, I just went to Peppenero, a italian restaurant beside Pizza Hut at Pondok Indah. Beside my car was a ferrari. With a huge Hello Kitty sticker thingy on the back, 2 on the windows, and the knalpot thingy's shape is Hello Kitty too. Wtf.
It was Krisdayanti's ferrari -_- she was sitting right behind my table, with Melly Goeslaw.
Pfft, who cares. Well I don't -..-

I read about 10 pages of New Moon. But I'm still not finished yet. I lost my Twilight spirit. Blame the stupid suck-ish movie! Pfffssshhh

You know what, I really love Hayley Williams. She's my 'role model' (sok). But seriously -_-
Who doesn't love her? I love her style (H)
AND! I want her purple beanie, the one she wore in the Decode music video. Fuckkkk

OhMyFuckingGod, Alice said that his dad called Glamour Kills and they said that the price of the t-shirts are about 500.000!!!!!! I felt like crying :''''(

Alice thought that William Beckett and Mitchell Davis are the same person!!!!! Omg you have no idea how stressed I am trying to explain to her =____=

I might have mental problems.

Mood: Stressed out
Listening to: Dynamo Of Volition-Jason Mraz

glamour kills.
Sunday, January 25, 2009 8:28 AM

Oh, that there, is just a picture of my favorite band, All Time Low <3
I want Jack's tshirt there, and that's from Glamour Kills. I really need to go there like, asap. I need new tshirts!

By the way, have you seen Jack's new hair? He doesn't have the blonde streaks thingy anymore, but that made him waaaay hotter :D just look the pic up here. I'm just too lazy to upload the photo, because I forgot to upload it when I uploaded the previous one -_-

I heard that All Time Low, Panic At The Disco, Paramore, and Boys Like Girls are making their new album now :D I'm really excited.

Got a new affie. Go check out Eci's new blog :)

Mood: Blank.
Listening to: Boys Like Girls

Saturday, January 24, 2009 11:31 PM

I made a new blog, because the old one hates me. I can't sign in to that thing.
Now I don't know what to write.

I slept at 11.30, and woke up at 12 :D
Today I helped Caitlin do her BI homework or something, searched for blog skins and such, and well, that's it. I haven't checked facebook today, so I might do it after this.

Monday, holiday. Happy Chinese New Year to you who celebrates.

Tuesday, the horror begins.
I think we have Ms. Ursula's class, and we HAVE to read our speech to the whole class. I am so not ready. I haven't even made the stupid index cards. I'll mess up for sure.
I'm improving on Math class, though :D
I don't have to go to Remedial Class.

Yesterday, Dinda told me that Glamour Kills opened a shop here in Indonesia :D But it's in Bekasi or something and that's faaar away. I want to buy the All Time Low shirt, and the one Jack has :p emcee square or whatever.

I currently like Kiss My Sass by Cobra Starship, it's been haunting my mind these days.

I don't like this skin's color, I might change it but I'm too lazy to do it.

Mood: Sleepy
Listening to: All Time Low


hi i'm bunga. i am weird. i like space invaders and pokemon. i also like the beatles, especially george harrison. i love panic! at the disco.

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