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but we just keep believing
speechfest '09
Friday, February 13, 2009 6:02 AM

today's the last day of the speech fest / the finals!
my class' choral recital made the finals, competing 7F and year10&11 classes -,-
we read "my teacher sees right through me".

tatha read a poem called ozymandias and it was really cool because she was really expressive compared to the other contestants :p i'm not saying this just because she's my friend.
and dhea delivered a speech about when she fished with her dad. she even brought a bucket and a fishing rod to the stage so she could demonstrate it.

at lunch time, i went to the unfinished swimming pool to take a look. then i crossed a roped area thingy and i ... broke it :D
it was humiliating with parents and high school students staring and laughing at me -_-

8D's drama of peter pan was hilarious. with abi as peter pan, tara as wendy and askar as captain hook. (kok jadi promosi?)
and 11 something's drama of romeo and juliet was really really really cool, because the one who played juliet was very expressive. it's like a real movie o_o

unfortunately, my class didn't won for the choral recital. but it didn't matter because tatha won second place on the poetry recital :D and dhea won first for the speech! andddd 8D won first for the drama.

today i danced guilty pleasure like, all the time. before my class went on stage, i danced guilty pleasure again. lalala

after school we went to ohlala cafe bintaro to celebrate dhea's birthday.
we had a food fight and it was really fun! at first dhea was going to cut her tiny cake when canna colek kuenya terus di peper di muka dhea and that was when the food fight began!

we made a really big mess there. hahaha
and we saw people double dating and they were like making out and stuff. eww

i cried when everyone left home because of my mom. arrrgh i hate her :@

mood: sleeeeeepy
listening to: jasey rae - all time low

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 7:22 AM

today my friends and i took many pics because annisa brought her camera. and i like to take pics with those kind of canon cameras.
oh and today, my speech kind of went well. but i don't know because there weren't many people watching (i think).
4 days until valentine's day. when will i have a boyfriend on valentine's day -_-
hmm, musiklub sms me that final riot is now here. blah. i'm not in the mood.

oh and today i made pics of my friends and i as a cover of read between the lines :p
but i changed it to girls like boys. ha. freak.
i actually made a cobra starship icon yesterday but blogger hates me, it wont let me upload the damn pic.
mood: mixxxxxxxxxed
listening to: paramore

Monday, February 9, 2009 7:35 AM


after school, prinka and i went to DB cup, it was my old school's cup thingy. i was really scared to go inside because i felt... different and stuff. even though i went there for like, 10 years -_-

oh noes. tomorrow i'll have to read my speech. people say that i move to much when i speak, but i can't not move. help?

mood: sleepy
listening to: boys like girls

Friday, February 6, 2009 6:57 AM

Great, now I have 3 stuff to do at the Speech Fest:
-Coral Recital thingy

Actually, Prinka and I had to do all of these three. Hmm -_- I have to read a Speech, be the narrator of the drama and do the coral recital thing. This is great. Really great. I'm too lazy to practice D:

Today, Canna, Prinka and I went to PIM, but only for an hour because they had courses. Pfft
I really pushed them to go to PIM because i wanted to play DDR so baaaaaddddddd
And now my whole body's like... pegel abis.

I met Adella, Darren, and Jazz at the food court. But only for like, 10 minutes.
Darren, you didn't bring my effing bracelet -_-!

I'm really tired right now, but for some reason, my mom didn't let me go to sleep right now, it's like, 10.07 pm -_-

Who's the freakiest PATD freak you've ever known?
dinda says: YOU.
tania says: you?
alice says: elu lahhh

tag your thoughts at the cbox ;p

Mood: Fuckin sleepy
Listening to: The Beach - All Time Low

Monday, February 2, 2009 6:24 AM

A few days ago at English class, we had to read our speech in front of the class. And I got number 4, but Ari, which was number 2, didn't make his speech so we skipped to Jess G, who was number 3. After she got a round of applause, I just sat on my seat, twitching my nose a bit, and Canna slapped me and shouted -_-

Blah blah blah, the speech wasn't finished until today. Half of the class still had to read the speech on today's English class. After that, Ms. Ursula read the scores. The ones who has good scores will be chosen to be a representative for the Speech Fest on 9th-14th February. Shittttttt
Prinka and I were chosen -_- I got 90 while Prinka got 95 (of course). 

What the hell?! I have to read my speech in front of the whole school?!?!?!?! What if I twitched and sweat -_- ew.

Mood: Terrrrrified
Listening to: Remembering Sunday :)


hi i'm bunga. i am weird. i like space invaders and pokemon. i also like the beatles, especially george harrison. i love panic! at the disco.

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